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Sortie réalisée dans le cadre de la formation:
BAC Pro Métiers du Commerce et de la Vente option A

Our Erasmus students work in London

The holder of the vocational “Baccalauréat Commerce” is a sales and marketing person who interferes in every kind of commercial unit: food or non-feeding, specialized or non-specialized, self-service or assisted sale in order to supply customers with products which are matching with public demand.

 Their activity within the commercial team consists of:

  • Taking part in the supplying, the management of products and its lay out.
  • Selling, advising and insuring customers loyalty
  • Taking part in the life of the sale area
  • Insuring trading management related to their function

Students of “European section” of “Baccalauréat Commerce” can improve their English by intensifying the English courses (sale courses fully in English in DNL) in the 4th last periods of training in the companies which can take place abroad.

Divided in 3 years, they allow the student to face the world of work and to apply the teaching which is not available at school. It is a determinant step for acquiring the skills for diploma. The valuation of these periods is regarded as an exam assessment as part of the control in the educational training course.

It consists of:

  • 6 weeks in the first year (2nde bac professionnel) with 3 weeks in December and 3 weeks in May-June.
  • 8 weeks in the second year (1ère bac professionnel) with 4 weeks in November-December and 4 weeks in May-June;
  • 8 weeks in the final year (terminal commerce): The last period in January-February of the final year may take place abroad as part of a ERASMUS + project of European mobility.

A training period of at least 5 weeks can be spent abroad in London as part of a ERASMUS + European mobility project and allows the students to acquire a “EUROPEAN MOBILITY” certificate that will assess the language skills and candidate’s mobility with a EUROPRO certificate.

The tasks given to the companies must lay on usual activities insured by employees:

  • Specialized seller,
  • Sales adviser
  • Sales and marketing person
  • Assistant in charge of a store

Students are assessed at every training period in the professional world and the certificate

evaluation for baccalauréat is taking place in final year and relies on the following poles:

°     Management of department

°     Products supplying

°     Sale

We work with shop partners as British Heart Foundation, OXFAM, Cancer Research and Sue Ryder which are all located in the center of London.

Ous ERASMUS students can do their internship in these shops and acquire new professional skills, improve their English level and understand a new kind of economy : an economy based on solidarity !

  • Nos élèves à Cancer research Chelsea

  • At British Heart Foundation

  • En stage à OXFAM Hammersmith

  • Cancer Research Chelsea

  • A la caisse à British Heart Foundation

  • Un de nos magasins partenaires à Chelsea

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