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So finally we are here, in France !

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So finally we are here, in France - un pays extraordinaire
EU Project Comenius,  bilateral exchange; 2012 – 2014, Aix en Provence – Zlin (République tchèque)
19 girls and 3 boys with 2 teachers from the Czech Republic arrived at Lycee Célony on 8 October, and since then the weather has been just wonderful with us, as well as the host family.
Wednesday et Thursday we spent at school, or in town, working on our project activities, such as gardening, sightseeing, class participation and workshops, cinema (Camus).
Many activities are still ahead of us, such as visit of Lourmarin, Marseille, Sainte-Victoire.
And bohuzel ve stredu 16. zari se budeme muset vratit domu.
La France va nous manquer !